Make playtime personal

Entertain, educate, and connect  your favorite toddler with family and friends through Little Doors, an iOS app

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Stay in touch

Have long distance family stay in touch with small ones by recording short videos or “doors”. Your favorite kid can watch them when they’re allowed device time and watch them more than once if they like (again! again!). Whether its a short hello or a funny face, remain present and active in your loved one’s life through Little Doors.

Endless Entertainment

Tap doors to watch new videos or revisit old favorites. Check back often for new doors from Grandma or Aunt Laura. Need fresh doors right away? Download a door pack of your child’s favorite things.

Quality playtime, anytime

Record videos to teach your child through familiarity and repetition. A is for Abuela, G is for Granny, M is for Mama. Make learning and connection fun and engaging without a scheduled Facetime session or inconvenient time-zone window.

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Why did we build Little Doors?

We want to keep in touch across town or across the country.

Susan drives 2-3 hours every weekend to see her granddaughters. They’re young, they grow up so fast, and every minute with them is important. How can she spend more time with them when they’re far away? Enter Little Doors. Parents, friends, aunts, uncles, and grandparents can all leave messages for that special kid in their lives. Entertain them and remain a present element no matter the distance.

We want to ease communication for busy parents.

While there are ways to keep your children in touch with their family and friends who live across town or across the county, they’re not always simple. Scheduling a FaceTime session can be a challenge with busy schedules, timezones, and a toddler’s temper. How can we remain connected with those we love who are a bit too young for more traditional means of communication? Little Doors removes the hassle of time coordination and content management by holding and displaying videos when it is convenient to you and your child.

We want to make digital entertainment personal.

Tired of having your child consume mindless entertainment? Only so much of that friendly explorer, peppy pig, or patrolling puppy you can watch on repeat? Wouldn’t it be better if that entertainment was from someone you knew? From ABCs by your Aunt Laura to nursery rhymes sung by your brother away at college, Little Doors allows you to make learning and playtime a familiar conversation.

Little Doors is family, friends, and fun for your little one


Goodbye from Little Doors

Five years ago, we set out to inspire and shape a new future for toddlers and their extended families. Our dream was to help families far and wide stay in touch with their little, loved ones through fun, educational videos.

We came far and we thrived in many ways--but we also faced challenges. We gave it our all, but regret to announce that it is time to say goodbye. Little Doors will close its doors on June 1st 2022. You can still receive a copy of your door videos by reaching out to the until the end of 2022.

Thank you for your support and for sharing this journey with us. It was our privilege to serve you, and have you as part of our community.

The Little Doors team