Why a communication app for toddlers? Toddlers can barely talk, let alone use a mobile app. Don’t we already have a ton of communication apps already ( Facetime, Whatsapp, MarcoPolo) ? YES! Those are great for older kids and adults….

But things are a bit different when you’re a toddler.

Situation 1: When attempting to Facetime grandma, your toddler would rather repeatedly tap the screen and hold the phone upside down. Sometimes they hang up. ?

Situation 2: Grandma runs out of things to say in this one-sided conversation after she has oohed and aahed and said “I love you” a few times. Little Johnny can’t really tell her about the amazing strained peas he ate for lunch today.

Situation 3: A tantrum is thrown when mom takes back the phone to finish the conversation between adults.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Why aren’t we meeting toddlers on their own terms? With Little Doors your family can send a quick message (toddler-attention-span-approved) whenever they’re ready (10pm). Your toddler can watch it when they are ready (post nap the next day). And everyone is happy. No more “holding the phone” battles, no more time-zone challenges, no more awkward silences.

Little Doors provides a toddler friendly interface. Bright colors, big doors to tap, and no access to adult areas. Goodbye 6,000 photos taken holding down the shutter button. Goodbye mystery phone charge when they managed to make an in-app purchase. Goodbye “Cora is going live” on your Facebook account. (Though the time this happened for our friend, I totally watched 20 minutes of closeups of Cora’s nose and hands streaming live).

Little Doors makes communication with your favorite toddler simple, easy, and fun. You can send them a door anytime, anywhere and it’s always waiting for them to watch (again and again).

Ready to try Little Doors for yourself? Download it today in the App Store.