While your toddler sees mom and dad most every day, there may be other family members who can’t drop by quite as often. Little Doors provides that daily connection that distance often hinders.

Their big brother, away at college, can send a little door recording with funny sounds or greetings. Their grandparents who are currently in Florida for the winter can still sing lullabies or wave hello. Little Doors supplements your weekly phone call with daily videos. Re-engage your little one with those who love them most at a time and place that works for a toddler’s schedule.

Here at Little Doors HQ, we have young cousins that live a 4 hour drive away. We get to see them at Thanksgiving and Christmas but that is about it. Usually, when we arrive on Thanksgiving morning it takes an hour or two for them to warm up to us. We get it, a year is a very long time for a toddler, but it’d be great if they came running instead of hiding behind their mom.

Now, with Little Doors we can send some door recordings to our cousins in the weeks coming up to the visit. We close the distance with a 5 second video and it makes us a familiar face instead of a strange grownup.

Plus it’s more fun to be that “silly aunt” who makes good animal noises than just, the grownup who sits next to them at the Thanksgiving table. Take that Aunt Karen! Whose the #1 aunt now?

Is there someone in your family who would love to have a stronger connection with your toddler? Download Little Doors and invite them to send you a door today!