The big picture is always pretty easy.
We want our child to remain connected to family and friends who are far off (in a fun way).
Presto-chango – FINAL APP!



Wrong. It’s the details that are hard. How do you get from that idea to a real product and EXACTLY how does that product work? What goes into it? What falls to the cutting room floor? What are we saving for later?


Here are our big features we’re definitely including:

  • Ability to record and send videos to others (your granddaughter, nephew, or neighbor-kid)
  • Ability for kids to watch video doors in a simple, safe environment

Other bonus features that would be nice but which ones??

  • Ability for people to record “guided” educational content. Grandma sings the ABCs, Aunt Laura teaches you colors
  • Ability for kids to watch video doors of content that isn’t a person. Doors of race cars, doors of kittens, etc

We do think its important for kids to jump straight into being able to use the Little Doors without waiting for Aunt Carol to record her video. Or having new things to play with and discover once they’ve run through their family doors and for this reason we think “bonus feature number 2” might make it into Version 1.0.

We also love the idea of having Little Doors be not only fun and familliar but also educational, however getting parents and family to learn how to record custom, guided content in addition to regular doors might be asking a bit much straight off the bat. Cool but complicated “bonus feature number 1” might be bumped to Version 2.0.

Making these decisions is hard. Everything is a good idea for someone, the real question is which is the BETTER idea and the MOST beneficial. Weighing development and audience and interest is a hard scale to balance. We hope with a mixture of surveys, consulting friends and family, and some targeted Facebook ads we’ll be able to deduce if this feature set is the winner.

What do you think? Go here and tell us. Really!

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We didn’t even begin to talk about other features and tweaks that didn’t make the initial cut at all…

  • What if we could organize the doors?
  • What if we could customize the door color or photo?
  • What about recording the kid’s reaction?
  • What about having multiple kids accounts?
  • What about saving doors to share with others?
  • What about responding to doors?
  • What about themed door for holidays and events?
  • What if we could add images and filters to videos?
  • What if we could have shared family doors?

Great ideas for another day.