The light bulb moment for Little Doors didn’t actually happen for us. It happened for our friend Ian Broyles. However, once he pitched it to us, we saw the light too.

Ian does not live near his family who is based in Kansas. Spending time in LA and Nashville – it was difficult for his family and friends to keep in touch with his awesome kid Winston. And you know how fast kids grow, hanging out once or twice a year was not enough! Video chatting required the full attention and phone time of both Ian and Winston. You had to schedule time with each person and time zones were sometimes an issue.

Why not build something that could play family messages for Winston whenever he wanted, wherever he wanted. Grandma on the car trip. Uncle Andrew before dinner. Cousins Jim and Jessica at the grocery store. Thus the Little Doors idea was born.

As an idea that is. But ideas are a dime and dozen and it was time to make it real.

This blog is a chronicle of what it really takes to build an app. Idea to Phone. Head to Hand.